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Haunted Ghost – Sense of Self


Get ready to dream

A new release by the great label No Problema Tapes now available at Hiraeth Records.


No Problema Tapes introduces ambient artist Haunted Ghost to us. ‘Sense of Self’ explores dreamtone, dreampunk and dreamwave. But will you dream? With themes revolving around fear of sleep (Somniphobia) and self-awareness (Be Kind to Yourself) the album explores a combination of stretched out UK Garage and drone music. This is your ticket to the 2022 mindfulness course presented by Haunted Ghost and No Problema Tapes.


The music is put on a beautifully designed yellow tape – like all No Problema releases they’re visually appealing, inviting you to play and watch the tape roll by.

Haunted Ghost has released other music on the label Special Species Records where they released a beautiful ambient folk experience. Check it out here: Haunted Ghost – New Life Paeans and here Haunted Ghost Bandcamp.


  • Artist: Haunted Ghost
  • Title: Sense of Self
  • Genre: Ambient, Dreamdrone, Nü Age
  • Format: Yellow C40 tape
  • Imported into EU for EU customers – expected to ship late January to you
  • USA buy here:

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Additional information

Weight62 g
Dimensions11 × 7 × 2 cm