Dream Ambient for Rainy Tokyo

“27th Floor” is the debut album by musical duo Passive Refraction. Let it take you on a journey through the city in search for your loved one…

Passive Refraction created an album for those who love to fade away into ambient and cyberpunk backdrops – neon lit buildings and heavy rain falling straight into your take-out food… waiting for the next Hover Tram into City Central. 

Vinyl and Cassette
The album will be released on 300 black vinyl records, 150 purple/white/black marbled vinyl records and 300 purple cassettes. All purchases will include a download code. 

We aim to release “27th Floor” late january 2020.

  • Artist: Passive Refraction
  • Title: 27th Floor
  • Genre: Dream Ambient
  • Released on: Vinyl and Cassette
  • Catalogue Number: HR004

Music: Passive Refraction
Mastered by: t e l e p a t h
Artwork by: Passive Refraction 
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