Dream Ambient for Rainy Tokyo

“I’ve watched you suffering…
Unsure what you should do…
Alone beneath the city nights…
How I’ve missed you too…
You’ve cast a veil across your eyes
Hiding From the Truth…
I have the Answers that you seek
on the 27th Floor, Room 2021, Waiting For You…”

“27th Floor” is the debut album by musical duo Passive Refraction. Let it take you on a journey through the city in search for your loved one…

Passive Refraction created an album for those who love to fade away into ambient and cyberpunk backdrops – neon lit buildings and heavy rain falling straight into your take-out food… waiting for the next Hover Tram into City Central. 

Vinyl and Cassette
The album will be released on 300 black vinyl records, 150 purple/white/black marbled vinyl records and 300 purple cassettes. All purchases will include a download code. 

  • Artist: Passive Refraction
  • Title: 27th Floor
  • Genre: Dream Ambient
  • Released on: Vinyl and Cassette
  • Catalogue Number: HR004
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Music: Passive Refraction
Mastered by: Virtual Dream Plaza
Artwork by: Passive Refraction 
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