Naturewave project from 猫 シ Corp.




Originally released in November 2014 as a B-side to “信仰 and 地球 : 新しいエデンジャングル“. This was later released on cassette as part of the Dream Catalogue Dreambox.

Now nature returns to you on CD, Cassette and Vinyl record.
The Vinyl record comes in two variations; Dark Green and Black / Dark Green Marbled. The cassette is forest green and the CDr has a green colored bottom.

The music was made for meditation or to be used as background music while working or sleeping.

  • Artist: 地球 (aka EarthEarth)
  • Title: ジャングル
  • Genre: Ambient, Naturewave
  • Released on: Vinyl, Cassette & CD
  • Catalogue Number: HR002
  • Review in German (Album der Woche)

Music by: 猫 シ Corp.
Mastered by: Virtual Dream Plaza
Artwork by: Jens Ingelse
Layout by: 猫 シ Corp.
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