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Zuwe – SH40 is OUT NOW

Zuwe - SH40 ambient electronic vaporwave dreampunk Album cover

“SH40” is OUT NOW on Vinyl, Cassette, MiniDisc and CD!


Zuwe’s new album SH40 is now available in our EU Shop, USA Shop, Bandcamp and all streaming platforms. The CD and MiniDisc contain three extra tracks: a Bonus Track and two remixes by 暗闇DESTINY and 沙漠鱿鱼.


Journey through neon-spattered streets and glide past gargantuan space freighters as Zuwe’s masterpiece blooms like a precious luminous flower. Melancholic electronic instrumentation swirls alongside organic sounds and field recordings to create a deep and palpable sci-fi soundscapes.
Blossoming ambient melodies and distant echoing rhythms drive the listener slowly forward through an incredible space-age experience.

Venture out of earthly realms with Zuwe’s “SH40″. Following up on an impressive debut on Seikomart, two albums on Forgot Imprint and Cosmic Vector, and one self-released album, this new album follows a journey toward a sprawling human settlement in outer space. 

Zuwe’s newest creation brings lashings of melodic euphoria together with recorded sound to present a man’s journey to a large human settlement far from Earth. This unabashedly sci-fi premise is undertaken with all the precision and patience of a well thought-out novel.



About Zuwe:

Zuwe is a musician from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. He has been producing and releasing electronic music under a variety of aliases over the last ten years.

The project Zuwe started in 2019 after discovering the vast possibilities for experimentation in the vaporwave scene. Zuwe’s music is primarily centered around ambient soundscapes and field recordings. His goal is to create immersive sound environments that allow the listener to experience a world built by the music. The first project released under the Zuwe alias “Endless” is an ambient tribute to summer in the Japanese countryside and was released on Seikomart in early 2020. Furthermore Zuwe released an album on Forgot Imprint and Cosmic Vector, and one self-released album.

The album “SH40” is the first release from Zuwe on European label Hiraeth Records, released in 2022, and follows the journey of a man to a human settlement outside of Earth.