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MiniDisc Day Details

On March 7th it is the first international MiniDisc Day ever! To celebrate we release our releases on the MiniDisc format in limited quantities.

Each MiniDisc has been given extra attention to make it special and different from the original release. For example, “Building a Better World” has a different on body printing and “27th” Floor has been turned into a hotelroom keycard.

There are a couple rules to keep in mind when ordering:

  • MiniDiscs are only sold through our webshop. Not on Bandcamp.
  • Each MiniDisc has a Bandcamp download code so you can add it to your collection.
  • The MiniDiscs go live at 20:00 Amsterdam time (UTC +1), 4pm NYC and 11am LA. Please use this website to make a conversion to your timezone.
  • 1 MiniDisc of each release per order! This means you can buy each of all, but not more than two of one album. Why? Please read our FAQ.
  • For more information about this awesome day and to find out what else you can buy elsewhere, please visit: