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Memory Tracer is out now!

We proudly present HR006: AURAGRAPH – Memory Tracer

“Memory Tracer” is the debut full length album by AURAGRAPH. Auragraph takes you on a journey through the 80s with vintage synthesizers and a dose of nostalgia. The album will be available on physical and digital format at Hiraeth Records on April 17th! 

AURAGRAPH is an experimental synthesizer-based project by Hector Carlos Ramirez, based in Los Angeles, California. AURAGRAPH delivers a blend of minimalism, ambient and lo-fi synthesis with upbeat analog drum patterns recalling the framework for genres like House and early Techno.

Carlos Ramirez has composed and mixed for shows like Stranger Things and Nat Geo’s Valley of The Boom, as well as collaborated with artists like S U R V I V E and Missions. Many of his tracks have come to life in Carlos’ own home, recording his ideas by patching in various synths with brut analog drum sounds.

The album dives into the hypnotizing musical world AURAGRAPH has crafted for us. ‘Memory Tracer’ is a soundtrack for a yet to be made 80’s or early 90’s movie – this is for lovers of both synthwave and vaporwave!

AURAGRAPH - DRONE | Official Video