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Hiraeth x Kats Kill

We are very excited to announce that, going forward, a handful of KATS KILL RECORDS releases will be available via our Hiraeth Records Distro!


To kick off this great collaboration a batch of the new 汽≈ – 命の息 (Breath of Life) cassettes are on the way to our warehouse as well and should hopefully arrive in time for the big drop on Friday March 4th! This re-release is a limited Edition “Nature Confetti” cassette tape including a beautiful Obi-strip.


Based out of New Jersey, USA, Kats Kill Records is the label founded by the one and only internet-famous ‘Pad Chennington‘ – a good friend of the vaporwave scene making documentaries and other videos for YouTube explaining and discussing vaporwave and its related genres. Check out his YouTube channel here:


With various sold out vinyl and cassette releases thus far, the label is ready to further explore the 2020’s through all sorts of wonderful sounds found throughout the internet, all from creators across the globe who strive to share their story and energy through music. Interested to know what else Kats Kill Records has released? Check out their Bandcamp here:

The third part of the rebirth trilogy, following 溺死 (drowning)  and 不本意 (Reluctance). Heavy thumping Ambient born from Vaporwave techniques with touches of disjointed IDM drums and New-Age chimes. We have drowned, reluctantly accepted our fate and have finally been reborn with a fresh breath of life.


汽≈  - 一