HR004 reveal

27th Floor is the debut album by musical duo Passive Refraction. Let it take you on a journey through the city in search for your loved one…

Dream Ambient
27th Floor is an album for those who love to fade away into ambient and cyberpunk backdrops – neon lit buildings and heavy rain falling straight into your take-out food… waiting for the next Hover Tram into City Central. 

Vinyl and Cassette
The album will be released on 300 black vinyl records, 150 purple/white/black marbled vinyl records and 300 purple cassettes. All purchases will include a download code. We aim to “27th Floor” early january 2020.

Look and listen!
Now that the word is out, take a quick look at the mockup of the vinyl record! Curious to know what it sounds? Hurry to Soundcloud and check the video down below. 

A little talk with Passive Refraction:

Hello PR! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

We’re Passive Refraction, a collaborative duo creating emotionally driven storylines through our music and art. Our goal is to encapsulate the listener into an immersive dramatization of music, and art: from sorrowful tales to uplifting journeys, which will resonate in a visceral way.

How long have you been producing music? Are there other things you produce besides music?

This is our first venture producing music as one entity. We each bring our own musical experience that adds to the flavor of our debut album. Working together on music was a beautiful accident. We like to venture in a wide array of arts ranging from things like photography, animation, image editing, video, freehand, and storytelling. Music, for us, is a wonderful medium to combine all those aspects together to create something expressive and meaningful.

What is the story behind 27th Floor?

“27th Floor” is the tale of two lovers who become separated by cruel mysterious circumstance, and highlights the viewpoint of one lover looking for the other who has gone missing. They get separated from each other after a night on the town celebrating their anniversary. That night after having a great time, the couple catches the hover tram back to their hotel. On the journey back the protagonist, due to over consumption, falls asleep as their partner holds them and tells them they will be arriving to the hotel soon. The protagonist wakes up in a panic to find themselves among crisp white sheets of their hotel room. They soon realize they are all alone. 
They run down to the main lobby counter and enquire where their partner is, but the receptionist confirms they booked the room alone…

 Police have no records the “missing person” ever existed. Footage from the train surveillance cameras only confirms police findings, showing the protagonist sitting alone. Furthermore, train records show no indication the missing girl attempted to board at the transit entrance to begin with… after filing a police report on the missing person’s case the protagonist steps outside and realizes the hopelessness of the situation… A police report would do nothing in a city this large and they had no friends or family to turn to for assistance. The lonely lover, broken and confused, collapses in the street weeping feeling helpless, scared and alone.  
What feels like an eternity passes….

They pick themselves up off the ground and begin walking through the city with a firm conviction to find her. They knew insanity wasn’t the cause of her disappearance. There wasn’t any point of listening to what anyone else had to say on the matter. She was lost and alone – just like them.
Two years later the protagonist has lost everything, a broken shell of themselves. They roam the same streets they’ve walked down a thousand times… However, this all changes when they receive an electronic message from Hiraeth Hotel room 2021. The message is from their supposed missing lover.

Can you tell us a bit more about how you produced the album?

The album formed in an unexpected way. This was originally a solo project being created as a symbolic tribute during our 2 year anniversary together, but it evolved into a collaborative issue between the both of us. 

JXY: We both suffer from severe anxiety disorder. However, because we understand anxiety on a personal level, we are able to comfort the other person during anxiety attacks. One day while I was producing my partner came in the room having a severe anxiety attack. 
JXX: Listening to the music composition was helping me but I was having trouble keeping my anxiety under control.  
JXY: Knowing that playing with pad work has helped me in those extreme moments, I suggested she take my keyboard and try to channel that energy into random notes or chords. 
JXX:  I sat down at the keyboard and took a go at it. I began to play at random and eventually began to relax enough to take in the sound of rising and falling pads. 
JXY: I realized as I sat there, listening, there was some truly beautiful and amazing keyboard work taking place so I hit record in my DAW and recorded the keyboard work for around 1-2 hours.
JXX: I felt like I was in a trance. My anxiety became background noise. It was amazing to hear the recorded version of my music afterwards. 
JXY: I asked if she would like to turn this project I was creating into a joint collaboration and allow me to incorporate this work into what was currently created. 
JXX: I thought it was a great idea! I was excited at the possibilities. 
JXY: I began to incorporate aspects of the keyboard recordings into tracks I had already started for the project. I also created some new unique pieces by incorporating different aspects throughout it and adding some new additions as well. 

We began to work on the album together. It was a beautiful collaborative process of listening and evaluating songs together and trying to brainstorm ideas for concepts and stories for the album. 

Any other things you would like to share?

We want to thank Hiraeth Records for taking a chance with our work and giving us so much support on our first album together as Passive Refraction, from day one. The release of “27th Floor” has given credence to what we are doing as a collaborative and has inspired us to work on more projects together. We also want to thank everyone who takes the time to listen to this project, as well as any reviews or feedback that listeners provide.  We hope “27th Floor” can make a positive impact for you in some way. 

– Passive Refraction