From Freezing Finland….

Comes HR005: Insanity Check with his debut album “Unrecoverable Reality”. Insanity Check takes you back to a mix of Command and Conquer Red Alert soundtrack and underground Finnish beats and metal. But be aware, this record is not for everybody! 

Something different
After the recent release of “27th Floor” and “Building a Better World” repress we want to present you something different again. As we mentioned before, we want to introduce our audience to a different sound, but closely related to our artists and audience. We noticed that many artists in the vaporwave scene used to make noise music or play in metal bands! Now it’s time to please them with cybermetal from Suomi!

Two variants of vinyl
The album will be released as two variants. Apart from the Standard 300 black vinyl records, we have a ‘Special Edtion’ of 100 black and white marbled vinyl records. The Special Edition 100 marbled vinyl copies have been hand numbered, come with a polaroid photo and a hand drawn picture by the artist himself. Every single picture is unique! All Standard and Special Edition records will have an special insert and a Bandcamp download card included. 

Fans of Master Boot Record, Zer0 れい and w i n t e r q u i l t 愛が止ま… ….you will be pleased!

Be ready on February 27th at 20:00 Amsterdam time, 2pm New York time and 11am Los Angeles time!
(20:00 CEST time (UTC +2) // 2pm EDT // 11am PST/PDT) /