Building a Better a World is out!

Hiraeth Records is proud to announce that we released BUILDING A BETTER WORLD by 猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h on saturday July 27th! The album is released is Vinyl, CD, Cassette and Digital. This marks the official start of Hiraeth Records. Will you join us in building a better world?

You can buy the physical or digital on our Bandcamp here and stream the album on Spotify:

Update: Within mere seconds the strictly limited marble edition was sold out! The magenta release was sold out within an hour. You can still get the album on black vinyl, cassette and CD

Update2: Cassettes are now sold out! Looks like we’re talking a future repress. Only half of the black vinyl records and CDs remaining now! A big big thanks to all the fans, friends, followers and supporters who purchased the album!