“The Odd Ones Out”

Here at Hiraeth Records we want to release dreamy ambient music, modern new age and everything else vapor and mall themed. But sometimes a submission or a record crosses our path that does not fit within these genres – but would be very much appreciated by our community. We’ve seen many artists coming from, the noise, hiphop or metal scene who make vaporwave related music. This goes the other way as well; vaporwave artists who make a different type of music.

This counts for the listeners too; many vaporwave listeners like to listen to other genres of music. Future funk, synthwave metal, chiptunes, lofi hiphop and space ambient to just name a few niche genres appreciated by us. Hiraeth Records wants to release every now and then an album that is unexpected and different from our regular dreamy releases. We call it: “The Odd Ones Out”.

“A home for newcomers”

When the founder of Hiraeth Records just started out making music somewhere in 2013 he received one email that started it all: “Hey can I get your jamz on tape?”. After that the quest to find a label who did cassettes was very difficult so he started to produce his own cassettes. The rest is history. With this experience Hiraeth Records wants to be a home for newcomers and unknown artists as well.