If you would like to submit a demo to us, please keep this in mind:

  • Our speciality is Vaporwave, Ambient or Dreamwave;
  • But we also really like Synthwave, Dreampunk and New Age;
  • …and sometimes even something totally different!
  • We do not release sampled music.
  • And neither harsh noise or singer-songwriter.
  • We listen only to a private streaming link: no downloads please!
  • We receive a lot of demo submissions so it can take a while before we get to yours!
  • A guide or another about sending in demo submissions.

Please fill in this form to submit your demo:

* describe the music in a few words (for example: "dream ambient", "dungeon synth" or "classic mallsoft")
* What is it? How did you make it? What is the story behind it? And: who are you?
* Please use streaming platform only