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Galactic Space Command – Brotherhood of the Serpent

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The Lightmasters have returned

In the depths of cosmic history, a clandestine order of beings emerged — the Galactic Space Command. Shrouded in mystery and cloaked in secrecy, these otherworldly entities wield unimaginable power, silently reigning over the vast expanse of the galaxy.


Throughout eons, their hidden influence has shaped civilizations, guided destinies, and whispered ancient knowledge to the chosen few. Across countless planets, they clandestinely erected majestic monuments that served as cosmic beacons of their influence.


Galactic Space Command draws inspiration from the realms of Dungeon Synth, Drone Ambient, and even old school EBM. Focusing on ancient aliens, UFO’s and esotericism – immerse yourself in the ethereal depths of “Brotherhood of the Serpent”.


Not much is known about who or what picked up or sent these transmissions.