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from tokyo to honolulu – Dream Waves

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Hiraeth Records presents From Tokyo To Honolulu’s new album “Dream Waves”.  A heavyweight album clocking well over an hour taking us on a flight through dreams, slushed out mallsoft and dreamwave like only from tokyo to honolulu can do! 

From Tokyo To Honolulu offers a balmy, joyous scene over the course of the album, using the release as an opportunity to push a new and unique sound. The listener will find that each track strives forward with a real purposefulness, substituting an often surreal style with a focus on glimmering synth riffs that stretch all the way toward the horizon.

Having progressed from a solely sample-based style in 2018, Dream Waves represents the artist at their creative pinnacle. From Tokyo To Honolulu glides through a number of styles over the 8-track runtime. Morning Dawn is a shimmering, chilled-out opener, fit with hypnotic melodies and floating synths. The percussion sets out a triumphant pathway upward into the sky, the repetition of the main melody is the pulsing heart of the track, willing it onwards as it takes flight. Transient Life treats the listener to deep and dulcet slushwave, snare drums are swept up in an ever-revolving filter as troubled chords give the song a morose aura. In many ways, Dream Waves could be considered an experimental album by the artist, showcasing a mastery over a number of styles, but actively seeking to push boundaries in each one.

Experience one of From Tokyo To Honolulu’s most daring albums to date. Wade through sparkling melodies and hypnagogic swirling drums. Surrender your sense of self, as the artist patiently leads the way, never more than a few feet ahead, not seeking to lose you, but to gently guide you through this beautiful world.

Dream Waves is available on 2-LP Blue Marbled and Black Gatefold Vinyl Record, Cassette Tape, MiniDisc and Compact Disc with obi strip and bonus tracks by   Corp. , 🍊 タンジェリン and 地球.




from tokyo to honolulu - Morning Dawn | Official Video
from tokyo to honolulu - Transient Life | Official Video