Back to the 90’s!

The new year couldn’t start better with the new album “Opacity Field” by AURAGRAPH. This time the artist draws from 90’s acid house, darkwave and vaporwave to create his own unique style.

In 2020 AURAGRAPH made it’s debut on Hiraeth Records with releasing the warm 80’s synth album “Memory Tracer” , now he returns with the new album “Opacity Field” exploring the cool 90’s. Rave beats and soft pads come into play, almost sounding like a soundtrack for a PS1 game – upbeat music that takes you straight back to the 90’s.

From his studio in Los Angeles AURAGRAPH has created a more modern sound, but keeping that typical AURAGRAPH signature sound intact. “Opacity Field” is an album that will apply to both lovers of darkwave, techno, synthwave and vaporwave.