Building a Better World returns

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On friday January 17th we will re-release Building a Better World on four different formats. There will be a light blue vinyl record, a purple cassette, a glass master CD and for the first time ever a MiniDisc! This also marks the beginning of the … Continued

HR004 reveal

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27th Floor is the debut album by musical duo Passive Refraction. Let it take you on a journey through the city in search for your loved one…  Dream Ambient27th Floor is an album for those who love to fade away … Continued

Hellveterra is out!

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Hellveterra by Zer0 れい has been released on cassette and vinyl! We have 300 cassettes, 300 black vinyl records and 160 purple vinyl records. Spotify coming soon!

Hellveterra release date

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“Dungeonsoft from the depths of the forgotten mall.” What happens when Palm Mall is deserted and the AI system takes over? What happens if the pools dry up, swords are broken and Earth is no longer our home? Welcome to Hellveterra, … Continued