Join us in the livestream! On April 16th at 23:00 Amsterdam time we will have a livestream Q&A with AURAGRAPH plus a live set on YouTube! Meet AURAGRAPHAURAGRAPH, real name Carlos Ramirez, will be present in the stream to do a Q&A … Read More

HR006: Coming April 17th!

From the City of Angels… …Comes AURAGRAPH with his debut album “Memory Tracer”. Auragraph takes you on a journey through the 80s with vintage synthesizers and a dose of nostalgia. The album will be available on physical and digital format at Hiraeth … Read More

Covid-19 update *update*

First things first: the Corona virus affects our music scene as well.  We still take orders and orders will still be shipped out; But, shipments might be delayed; Some countries even longer or no service at all: Spain and Italy. … Read More

MiniDisc Day Details

On March 7th it is the first international MiniDisc Day ever! To celebrate we release our releases on the MiniDisc format in limited quantities. Each MiniDisc has been given extra attention to make it special and different from the original … Read More

Insanity Check – Unrecoverable Reality is out now!

We’re happy to announce the debut album by Insanity Check “Unrecoverable Reality” has been released! Now you can enjoy Finnish cybermetal on vinyl. After being in production for almost five years, the debut album “Unrecoverable Reality” by Insanity Check sees … Read More

HR005 Release Date

Insanity Check’s debut album “Unrecoverable Reality” will be released! Insanity Check takes you back to a mix of Command and Conquer Red Alert soundtrack and underground Finnish beats and metal. But be aware, this record is not for everybody…  Release dateThe album … Read More

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