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from tokyo to honolulu

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From tokyo to honolulu (FTTH) hails from Russia and started out in 2016 as an experimental vaporwave project by Anton Mertsalov. After two years of making sampled vaporwave, from tokyo to honolulu released in 2018 his first tape titled “女性の拉致” at Dreamshore – a transitional moment in his work. After that first tape many more would follow, in the past years FTTH has released numerous vaporwave highlights at labels such as Global Pattern, Aloe City Records and ‎Underwater Computing_ and in 2021 the first album at Hiraeth Records: “Dream Waves“.

Initially, it was planned to write original music under a different name, but many reasons served as a rejection of this idea, FTTH says: “Because I left the old sound of the ftth, only with my own sounds. It was inspired by how strange it is, my sample music is the same. I was tired of sampling and decided that why look for some finished product and try to make something out of it, if you can do everything yourself.”

Besides making dreamy slushed out vaporwave music, FTTH is also known for making very distinctive artwork for various vaporwave artists – mostly seen on No Problema Tapes.