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Avery Dart, founder of Escaping Aghartha, is from North Carolina, USA and has been producing music for roughly the past 8 years. He is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in biology and aims to preserve wildlife after graduation.

Escaping Aghartha is used as a platform to raise awareness about environmental degradation and to raise funds for conservation efforts through music sales. For example profits from his earlier album “Croak”, a concept album about the ongoing amphibian extinction event, were donated to the amphibian conservation branch of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. His project Escaping Aghartha is an interesting mix between one-man project and international band, depending on the genre.


Avery Dart explains: “I’m a metalhead at heart and enjoy making doom and black metal, but I lack the skill to create metal albums fully by myself. I enlist the help of my friends from all over the world to play drums, bass, and mix/master to help actualize the full potential of my musical ideas. However, when I’m making experimental or ambient music, such as Avian, I both possess the skill and enjoy the freedom that comes with being the sole musician for a release.