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バーチャルボーイ A t s u

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バーチャルボーイA t s u or “Virtualboy Atsu”, is a musician who lives in Concepción, Chile, and started his journey through Vaporwave by March 2016. Through years he focused on perfecting his skills by trying to redifine and recreate the vaporwave sounds by the no use of samples on his creations, with his first full non-sampled album “Resort” on August 2016, giving vaporwave a new fresh look with more posibilities to experiment, thanks to the use of synths, new age and old nostalgic sounds from the 80’s/90’s.


バーチャルボーイA t s ustarted producing vaporwave music back in 2016 and released his first big hit “Viva Costa” in late 2016. The follow-up album “月光 t e m p l e”, or “Moonlight Temple” was released in 2018 at Japanese label Seikomart. The album has now been re-released in 2020 on all formats as a ‘Seikomart and Hiraeth Records special‘.