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Before you order

Hiraeth Records titles are available through our Webshop and Bandcamp. Both platforms offer the same items, the Webshop however offerse extra Distro titles from other labels and stores. Bandcamp is a music platform which offers an immediate download of the album in the format of your choice and adds it to your collection. No worries for Bandcamp users: all our official Hiraeth Records releases come with a download card for Bandcamp!
    We also offer the option of buying titles that are released by other labels, choose 'Distro' to take a look what we have in stock from other labels. Most of these items are Europe exclusive, but sometimes we have Hiraeth exclusives available in America. Please keep in mind that we do not have any influence on the quality, packing and extra's (like a download card) of these items.
    All orders are placed through our Webshop or Bandcamp; to ensure a smooth process please double check if your address is up to date on both Bandcamp and PayPal. This is to ensure your order is mailed to the correct address since all our orders are processed and shipped automatically from a separate facility. During checkout you can fill in the address you want your order sent to.
      Again we can not stress enough to make sure to update your addresses on PayPal and Bandcamp before ordering. We would would feel sorry for your order to be mailed to the wrong address. If that does happen after you received a shipping notification we can have it resend to you at your own costs.
        We accept standard Paypal payments or a creditcard through Paypal, but please do not use "eCheck" payments. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox after completion. Check your spam folder if you don't see any.
        We’re sorry to inform you that we are unable to reserve or pre-order records. The reason being is our orders and shipments are processed automatically through a separate facility. We try to keep a good number of albums on hand, but unfortunately we do sometimes run out.
          Represses can happen though so if you missed an album and want a copy be sure to follow us on Facebook, our Twitter or follow our Bandcamp page. You can also sign up for our mailing list to receive updates on represses and future releases.
          We’re sorry to inform you that we are unable to have albums autographed by the artist directly. The reason being is that our records are shipped from a separate facility and most our artists live in other countries. However, we can try to help you get in contact with the artist if you would like to try and make special arrangements with them, though we can not make any promises or speak on behalf of the artists.
          We're delivering as usual within the EU, USA and most other parts of the world, but sometimes with delay. Keep in mind this also depends on your local postal services - sometimes it can take a few weeks extra. Please bear with us if it takes a little longer than you’re used to. Most of our suppliers are delivering steadily as well.

          Ordering and Shipping

          Your order will be processed for shipping as soon as possible after placing an order. Make sure you enter the correct address! Depending on the amount of orders and workforce it may be packed and shipped some hours or day(s) later. Usually it takes 1-3 weeks to arrive at your address. In some cases it can take longer. You will receive a tracking number to follow your package.
            Orders that don't arrive within two months are usually slowed down, at your post office or lost. Please take in account we do not replace or refund any orders that don't arrive after six months past date of ordering. Please contact us within two months if you have not received anything yet, only then we can work something out.
            All orders are shipped through separate facilities in the USA and in The Netherlands. This offers the fastest and cheapest shipping options. For example we ship with Media Mail or USPS First Class in the USA and PostNL or FedEx in Europe.
              Keep in mind you will be responsible for any possible customs and import fees: we are not responsible for final destination customs tariffs and taxes!
              For Brazil orders we DEMAND you add your CPF number and phone number to the order, otherwise your package will either return to us or be destroyed at your post office.
                Orders without your CPF number that are lost will not be refunded and can only be sent again if you place a completely new order including your CPF number. Orders that are sent back to us in good condition can only be sent again after you pay for shipping and supplying your CPF number. By purchasing from us you agree to these terms. Keep in mind that it can literally take up to a couple of months before you receive your order.
                Yes we do! When we ship your package, you will receive a tracking number through email. Please fill in your phone number during checkout so you can also receive text updates. Make sure you enter the correct address! Check your spam folder if you don't seen any order or shipping confirmations in your inbox.
                  For Brazil orders we demand you add your CPF number to the order, otherwise your package either will return to us or be destroyed at your post office and we do not refund or replace!
                  Unfortunately we cannot merge orders as we use automated facilities. If you have already received a shipping notification we can neither cancel nor call back that order.
                    Make sure you order all the items you want at once 😉
                    If you have entered incorrect details or added the wrong items for your order and it has already been shipped from our facility, your order cannot be canceled after this point, as it is already on it's way to your destination. We can't call it back once you received a shipping notification. The package will either be delivered to the address you provided or it will return to our warehouse. It will also be sent back to us if the address does not exist. If a package returns in good condition we can resend it to the correct address at your own costs. The same goes for any orders with the wrong items.
                      If your order has not been shipped out yet, contact us as soon as possible and cancel your order! We will then help you out with the order to make sure it will be shipped to the correct address.
                        Placing an order with the correct address/items is the responsibility of the buyer!
                          You can only cancel your order if it has not been shipped. Go directly to our Bandcamp and contact us (under the profile picture).
                              You can only cancel your order if it has not been shipped. Contact us as soon as possible, but before shipping confirmation, if you used the Webshop.
                                Cancellation costs:
                                  If your order hasn’t shipped yet, cancellation is free, but if your item has already been shipped out you will need to mail it back to us unopened in its original, saleable condition before a refund can be initiated (return shipping is considered a responsibility of the customer!). Do this within 2 weeks! Damaged or lost return items can't be exchanged or refunded. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us directly.
                                    Apparel cannot be returned due to health or hygiene reasons.
                                    We are very sorry to hear your order is damaged! Please contact us as soon as possible after receiving the damaged item and we will do our best to help you out. We do not replace orders that have been sent out longer than 3 months ago. Check your item(s) as soon as you have received your order.
                                      Keep in mind you also need to provide evidence of the damage. Small damages such as corner bumps or minimal warp (caused by shipping) will not be replaced. We also cannot send out replacement sleeves. Check your system if you have any audio issues, we test our vinyl test pressings extensively, but for whatever reason sometimes a faulty record or tape slips past quality control.
                                        Please keep in mind that we do not have any influence on the quality and packing of the Distro items. Due to the low availability of these items, we cannot not replace these items.
                                          Apparel cannot be returned due to health or hygiene reasons.
                                          We ship our vinyl records outside of the jacket to avoid damage during shipping. Our all records are housed in a protective outer and inner sleeve. Other items will be packed very carefully. However we cannot promise our Distro vinyl records from other labels are packed the same way - we do not have any influence on these items.
                                            Once an item has shipped it is subject to how the post offices handle your package. We do not replace items with minor shipping damage. You must provide proof of damage when contacting us.
                                            From the 1st of July 2021 there are new VAT rules in Europe, VAT is now paid to the countries of the buyers and no longer to the country of the seller, resulting in a different VAT rate for every EU country. Therefore we must charge your local VAT in Europe and you will see different prices in your basket. The actual VAT rate for any country can only be displayed after you have created an account or logged into your existing account, which we recommend to all customers to do before browsing our store. Prices are displayed in the shop without VAT, which will be calcualated in your basket after you have chosen a shipping method.
                                              Customers are responsible for possible final destination customs tariffs and taxes. If you're from the UK we recommend not buying worth more than 135 GBP (± €160,-).
                                              Send us an email and we'll take care of it.

                                              Other information

                                              Every official Hiraeth Records item comes with a Bandcamp Download Card; this is a small card with an unique download code. You can redeem the code at: to download the album. Bandcamp offers a wide range of formats to choose from such as mp3 and FLAC. You can also add it to your Bandcamp collection if you wish to do so - this means you can stream the album from your desktop or Bandcamp app. If you purchased an item from our Bandcamp you will automatically be directed to a download page.
                                                Distro items may not have a download card as they're not produced by Hiraeth Records.
                                                You can find our releases on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer and many more - just Google them!
                                                Sometimes our newsletters or automated emails end up in the spam folder or in different tabs if you use Gmail. If you are an Yahoo or AOL user there's a big chance our emails get blocked. There is nothing we can do about it except to wait untill our mailserver will be removed from the blacklist after 72 hours. This is a common and known problem among shops and Yahoo/AOL users, however both of them offer no solution.
                                                If you would like to submit a demo to us please visit this page. Please read the requirements for submitting very carefully. Submissions with no explanation or whatsoever will be deleted without listening. We prefer to listen to your demo through Soundcloud, but a download is accepted as well.
                                                We press our premium quality vinyl records with granulate on a calcium sink basis, our covers are made from FSC certified paper and cardboard and are printed with eco-friendly ink. The records are pressed within an eco-friendly factory with green, sustainable bio-mass driven technology and green power.
                                                  We try to use as less plastic as possible; no shrinkwrap unless we really have to. However, we do use thick plastic outer sleeves to protect your record sleeves. Our items get shipped from the warehouse without bubblewrap, but with re-used paper and cardboard. If you receive any plastic packaging from us please recycle these in the proper way - that soup in the ocean is big enough already...
                                                  We offer wholesale to selected online shops and record stores. Please get in touch with us if you want our releases stocked. Discogs resellers are not welcome.
                                                    If you are an American label and want better European distribution: contact us!
                                                    Because we hate flippers and scalpers, and because some special edition items are very limited, we want to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance to buy our items.