Building a Better World returns

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On friday January 17th we will re-release Building a Better World on four different formats. There will be a light blue vinyl record, a purple cassette, a glass master CD and for the first time ever a MiniDisc!

This also marks the beginning of the transition to a real webshop on our website. A place where we can limit special items to 1 copy per person and where we can offer you tracked shipping – as through Bandcamp we currently cannot give you that option. For now we split our inventory between Bandcamp and the webshop, but most future releases will be through our webshop only. The webshop will also offer slightly cheaper prices as we can cut out Bandcamp rev share. 

We also re-release the album on glass master CD for the first time! The CD includes a bonus track and is a nice addition to your collection if you already own the album on a different format.

So if you missed the first release, missed the stock clearance or don’t want to pay top dollar on Discogs; we will see you next week! There’s plenty of stock available on both stores, but the MiniDisc will be webshop only exclusive and limited to 1 copy per buyer. 

Be ready on January 17th at 20:00 Amsterdam time, 2pm New York time and 11am Los Angeles time!
(20:00 CEST time (UTC +2) // 2pm EDT // 11am PST/PDT) /