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Official YouTube channel

We’re happy to announce we finally have our own YouTube channel! The channel has been verified and has its own custom... Read More

Memory Tracer is out now!

We proudly present HR006: AURAGRAPH – Memory Tracer “Memory Tracer” is the debut full length album by AURAGRAPH. Auragraph takes you... Read More


Join us in the livestream! On April 16th at 23:00 Amsterdam time we will have a livestream Q&A with AURAGRAPH plus... Read More

HR006: Coming April 17th!

From the City of Angels… …Comes AURAGRAPH with his debut album “Memory Tracer”. Auragraph takes you on a journey through the 80s with... Read More

MiniDisc Day Details

On March 7th it is the first international MiniDisc Day ever! To celebrate we release our releases on the MiniDisc format... Read More