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HR003 is…..


What happens when Palm Mall is deserted and the AI system takes over? What happens when the pools are dry out, swords are broken and Earth is no longer our home? Welcome to Hellveterra, welcome... READ MORE

HR002 release date: 21st Sep.


Release date of HR002: 地球 – ジャングル is on 21st of September, 20:00 CEST time (UTC +2) / 11am PST/PDT and 2pm EDT. We will release 300 cassettes, 300 CD’s, 300 dark green... READ MORE

HR002 coming soon!


Soon the second Hiraeth Records release will be out; 地球 – ジャングル – also known as EarthEarth. The album is actually a re-release of 地球’s side of a 地球 and 信仰 split album,... READ MORE