猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h

The Vaporwave Dreamteam returns!

猫 シ Corp. and t e l e p a t h are no strangers to the vaporwave and ambient scene. Each artist having their own unique style and sound, they now unite and combine their skills for a new album: “Building a Better World”. From deep and hazy synths to light and airy pads: Building a Better World marks a new beginning.

The album will carry the catalogue number ‘HR001’; this marks the very first release of Hiraeth Records. To celebrate this fact Building a Better World will be released on vinyl record, cassette and CD. Each format will have different color options – see the images on the left.

For the CD version both artists choose something special to make it an unique item: a CD only bonus track plus a special 1988 mastering. This means a real time 13-bit 26KHz AD/DA conversion was done for the CD master, giving it a crisp and hazy sound with a punchy low-end.

Pick your format, pick your color and join our dreams to build a better world!

  • Artist: 猫 シ Corp. & t e l e p a t h
  • Title: Building a Better World
  • Genre: Dream Ambient
  • Vinyl: Black vinyl and Magenta translucent vinyl
  • Special Vinyl: Magenta translucent + Black/White marbled
  • Cassette: Indigo, Blue and Purple
  • CD: Purple colored, Special 1988 Mastering + Bonus Track
  • Catalogue Number: HR001

Album der Woche (German) 
Agora Road
Microphones in the trees (or in Russian)
Pad Chennington (video)
The Tape Deck

Produced, Written, Performed by: 
猫 シ Corp. &  t e l e p a t h
Mixed and Mastered by: t e l e p a t h
Artwork by: Mokmok and  猫 シ Corp. 
Layout by: Hiraeth Records
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